Introduction: Poetbay is a friendly site, where we are a family and we support each other, every one who enters our fold is welcomed with open arms. Lately some people are trying to mar the spirit of the bay; here is our answer to them:

The Spirit of Poetbay

We, the protectors of good spirit
here on poetbay,
Will not let any one mar the fun
we have today,
we will stick as a family here
in every way,
We will support each other and won't
come in other's way,
We are a force to reckon with
together we stand,
Let any one come and say that
we don't understand,
How can they understand when they
know not how it is:
The love and brotherhood we share
Is unique to the Bay!

Together we will stay!
©: Zoya

Together we will stay! No matter
what they may say,
Let our friendship always blossom
here on this cyber-bay,
Let us all build this world of words
on basis of kindness,
and simply care for each other
The sense of "gentleness".
©: Liliana Negoi

Together we will stay!

Yes! We will stay together and stand strong!

Together we discover
the depth of our soul
and learn how to refine
the beauty of our soul
We are here to stay
and we will stay united!
United as one!

Because we are the soul of poetry
we will not bow down or prostrate
to the beast of censure
We the protectors of the bay
Stand strong against the beast!
The beast of censure!

We are genuine and caring
Every day we express ourselves
freely and cultivate our spirit!

We will not allow abusive language
to take us back!
We will do everything
for the evolution of the mind!

We the protectors of the bay

We stand strong
while the beast with puerile rhyming
attempts to darken our souls
But we have seen the beauty
we have heard the music of our words

Write poet and poetess your poems
you are free
Write comments and encourage us
to become a better person
or help us understand ourselves

Thank you Poet and Poetess
your words brighten up our day

Together we will stay!
© Night Soul Woman

Authors: Zoya Zaidi (India), Liliana Nagoi (Rumania), Night Soul Woman (Sweden)
Copyright ©: Zoya Zaidi (India), Liliana Nagoi (Rumania), Night Soul Woman (Sweden)

Note: Everyone is welcome to add to it.

suporting the beautiful and well put writing by Zoya, Lilly and Night Soul Woman ...

let's make it a happy place...I know I know it is a bit corny ...but hey I love this wonderful poetry bay

so it is a space
the cyber we enjoy
where things are upside down
and still like jewels in a queens crown

somehow it is a place where all seems good
and things we say are often understood

we seem to float in timeless ways
painting heaven in coulors never seen
as dreary days all disapear in a enigmatic maze

a place were dreams are listend to
and nice things said in earnest

so I say thank you to those who take their time
reading and listening to the pictures of my heart

and if by chanse some malice comes my way
I will leave it for some other day
because in cyber all is green and merry
and has the taste of apples and cherry

that is what it is here for
to make people connect around this globe
so make it happen make it great

still be aware
take care who you listen to

but let us make the world a happier place
by making friends here on the poet bay

By kath


''We are flowers on the bay,
here we can find a way
to add colour to life,cos it is gray.
As long as we stay
here we share one soul, Ay;
we share one soul ,that is all I want to say''

hugs ,

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 804 times
Written on 2007-01-31 at 11:46

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Malin Johansson
BRAVO!! I couldnt agree more!!
Perfect poem to a perfect cyber-place :)

You go, ladies!!!

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
The Three Graces, upon my honour!

well done, girls!!!

Dan Cederholm

Just wonderful writing here!