I need an exorcism!
You're in my head. You're in my soul.
Fuck it, you even fill my body and occupie a little piece of my heart.
And I haven't even invited you in.
You make me feel crazy.
Happy but sad
because I wan't you so bad...

I need an exorcism!
You gave me a little and now I wan't it all.
Every little part of you.
Your eyes, your voice, your lips, oh my God, those lips.
I'm obsessed with your beauty and your charm.
I wan't to be the proud girl on your arm...

I need an exorcism!
I can't take this. Your under my skin.
You make me tingle deep inside.
It feels good but I know it's bad. There's no way back.
It sucks but it's true.
It's already to late
because I kissed you on our first date

Poetry by gie
Read 502 times
Written on 2007-02-05 at 11:37

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Lol, yeah, they should:) Thanx for commenting! Will take a look at your page when I have more time. I'm on the run;)


Never do that again young lady!!!lol I know this feeling all too well. Men like that should carry a warning!lol A few typos in there, but otherwise a good poem. Smiling ironically, Tai