I never get 2 finish this text and it bugges the hell out of me!!


Saturday around noon. May 2005. I'm visiting my mom in Niantic, CT. Connecticut is called "The Constitution State". I don't know why, but I'm guessing maybe the Constitution was signed here?...Anyway, I've been here for about 2 weeks... Maybe more like 2 and a half. It gets kinda lonely. I have lot's of family here, who I love deeply. Damn, even a few friendships have been made on my trips over here. But everybody works and I never wan't to intrude into anybody's life. So I'm sitting here in Connecticut trying to figure out what to do next. As always I brought my Lonely Planet and I'm looking through my options... Niagara Falls? It's far and It's cold there. And kinda a romantic place, so why would I wan't to go there alone? Anyway, Florida is option number 2. I call aunt and unc to hear what their plans are for next week. None!! They would love for me to come visit. I call aunt Mear & unc Bear. They are often late. They are picking me up and we are driving to New Haven to check out a tattoo- and piercing- studio. It's a long drive. Almost 2 hours in traffic. But we get there. Book an appointent way ahead, the day before I go back home. We go to "Richters" for lunch. A small pub with delicious food right next to Yale University. It's graduation and the gratuates look happy. No wonder, Yale is one of the best schools in the country and a bunch of US-presidents came from Yale!

We pay our bill, and walk over to National Auto-rental and I pick up my car! I've made up my mind, tomorrow morning I'm going to start my 1100 mile drive to Kissimmee, Florida. My bronze-coloured Pontiac Sunfire is heaven on wheels. This trip is going to be amazing!!

Sunday, May 15, early morning. About 6.30 actually, east coast time. I'm all set, and my mom looks a bit worried. It's a long drive. In a foreign contry. And I'm a girl. But she knows that I know what I'm doing.That driving in the States won't be a big issue for me. I-95 straight ahead all the way. And I'm going to have a sleep-over... Maybe even two. No hurry, no worry. I'm on vacation.

I'm on my way. With mom's delicious breakfast in my tummy and a lunchbox containing wonderbread-sandwiches with peanutbutter and jelly in case I get hungry before I decide to stop at a diner. Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets. A shopping area where they have all the great big brands: Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Versace... You name it, they got it!! Higly recommendable shopping sight.

62 more exits and I'm in New York State."The Big Apple". I'm not certain why it's called that, but I think it has something to do with Jazz, clubs and Harlem?...

New York only have 19 exits on I-95, so driving through it is done in no time. I see Empire State-building and the other skyskrapers in the horizon but make no effort to exit. I'm going to Florida, remember?!

New Jersey, "Garden State" ?... They probably have alot of gardens... New Jersey Turnpike is one of the best known roadways in the entire US. Probably the most trafficked road too. It's a toll-road, but I gladly pay 2 bucks for comfy roads. NY sucks in that department, but CT has exellent roads. Actually all interstate traffic in CT is financed by the the Indian-runned casinoes: Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. That's why CT doesn't have any toll roads.

NJ also have casinoes. Atlantic City. Never been there, and not stopping now.. Cause I'm going to Florida!! 68 exits after crossing NY/NJ-border I'm crossing the Delaware-border. And even before I start thinking about the state of Delaware, I'm in Maryland!! What I can tell you though is that Delaware was the first state. So what's up in Maryland? Alot of exits. 109 to be exact. I think Maryland may have some strange crab-fixation...

Virginia. 177 exits... I have a big semi-trailer pulling up beside me honking his horn and making somekind of signal. I have no idea, just thinking something could be wrong with my car. He pulles over in front of me smiling and making faces in his review mirror. He's slowing down. I change lanes to pass him. He's honking his horn, putting up his stupid faces and making an ass off himself... I smile at him as I pull up in front of him. I'm starting to yawn. Feeling sleepy and I decide to pull over and get some sleep. It's only 2.30... I drive past all the Washington-exits because I've been warned about all the bad neighbourhoods around there. 10 minutes later I pick my exit and stop in front of a Burger King. Only afro-americans and I'm starting to wonder if this neighbourhood isn't the best eighter?! To tired to even think I put my driverseat back as far as it goes, lock my doors and put a big blanket over my head.

Almost 3 hours later I wake up in the exact same position I fell asleep in, wide awake and ready to put even more miles behind me. 2-3 maybe even 4 hours later, I stop at a Bed & Breakfast for the night. The american cellular-phone I bought before I left CT hardly works. And I need to recharge it already. Check in, get my key, find my room, plug the phone in the outlet and take a long, hot bath. Well adjusted in the tub with "People"-magazine I hear an unfamiliar sound... Off course! Now my phone is working!!! Soaked, I run in to the livingroom and answer the phone. It's mom, and she was worried because she was unable to reach me. After calming her and talking about my trip today, we hang up and I dry up the rest of my body before turning on the telly and dissapearing into the delicious big sheets

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