I know it is not yet Valentine's Day. I figured if I post this now people will have time to read and ponder it. These things need not apply only on Valentine'S Day. Sad really, but it's just when these things get the most attention.

To Fathers, for thier wives on Valentine's Day

Remember your wife is not only the mother of your child, but also the woman that you married.
Treat her as such,; a woman, an exquisite being balanced with sexuality, sensuality, caring, nurture and fine love. She is a duplicity. A person possessed with a deep desire for passion and intimacy. A woman filled with a sense of duty born from maternal love. A girl who still desires to turn her boy's head. A mother who nurtures her child. She is immediately a mother, but eternally a woman. Before the child she was your focus, she was your fire, she was your singular desire. After the baby arrived she became the sole person on earth who would mother your child.
Before she was fixing dinner, running errands for the children, doing laundry and too tired to brush her teeth; she was candles waiting in the bedroom, she was perfume floating through the air, she was that outfit you loved so much, and that oh so secret, gentle touch.
Before all nighters with the baby she was spending them with you. Now she is washing her hair when should can catch a moment, then she was showers, perfume and smooth legs when she met you in bed each night.
Remember before she was watching cartoons and singing nursery songs, she was up to date, hip and neat. An interesting conversation waiting to happen . Do you remember? Before just throwing her hair into a ponytail or running a brush hastily through it, she was the girl that spent an hour preparing to see you, if only for an evening.
She gave up that belly for stretch marks. She gave up the breasts of leisure for a woman's working pair. Her makeup bag no longer gets updated regularly. She gave up sexy underclothes for wash'em and wear'em, no longer the pretty matched sets or the fancy little colors. She gave up smooth legs every day for smooth legs when I can. Her alone time is the grocery store, the bathroom or the night (when she should be sleeping). She gave up these things not out of have to, but out of want to. She gave them in exchange for the honor of being a mother. She gave them for the privilege of raising your child. She gave them because she loves you, and this is one of the highest expressions of love.
She does this all from love, all from love for you and for the child.
She knows she is still a woman. She knows she's more than a mom.
What she wants to know is, if you still know.
If you still see.
See her legs.
See her hips
See her smile.
See her hands, her mouth her lips
See her laugh
See her silhouette under that T shirt she sleeps in and
Do you still smell her hair?
Do you still smile at the fragrance of her perfume?
Have you noticed if she still wears a scent or has she given that up too?
She knows you think she is a good mother, what she wants to know is:
Do you still want her,
Do you still need her as a man needs a woman,
Do you still notice her in that secret, special way?
Does she still move you?
Does she still excite you?
Is she still young and vibrant in your eyes?
Is that girl still there when you look at her?
Most importantly when you think of her on this Valentine's Day (or her birthday, or your next anniversary) try to remember that the mother of your child is also a woman. Both are beautiful and both are valuable, but the one that you and only you can truly validate, and completely reinforce is that she is a woman, yes indeed she is still a woman and she is yours.
So, go claim your girl!!!!!!

Words by Jessica Rexroat
Read 669 times
Written on 2007-02-10 at 03:07

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
This is the best thing that could have been written to men for women and for men. Bless you dear, you said it all perfectly. MEN PAY ATTENTION! YOU WILL BENEFIT IF YOU DO!! YOU ARE BEING GIVEN A VERY IMPORTANT KEY HERE IF YOU USE IT YOU WILL BE VERY GLAD YOU DID! You always ask the question, What do women want? Well you've just been given the answer.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
YES! YES! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! And, this goes for Grandmother's too. We are still women. We still need to know we are wanted, desired, loved. Yes Dear Niece you are right on target! Now if doesn't get read because its the weekend. You will have to repost it again on Valentines Day for sure. This should be read around the world and now you have made it possible. Favorite!!!!! hey, i don't have a one those guys anymore. oh what the hell. I like me. : )