Blossoms of hope
Weaving on the thread of time
I have a garland
Devoted to nature
This is all what my life is.

Dreams and delusions
Rise and fall
Vision and confusion
Love and tragedy
Life and death
Pain and pleasure
I am a rainbow standing
Among beautiful colors
This is all what my lfie is.

Look at the blooming roses
The beauty is never known to the beautiful
Blooming flowers
Humming bees
Today the flowers are gone
Bees are also gone leaving the lonely flowers
Success is all pubic
Failure is all private
This is all what my life is

Poetry by Gopi
Read 962 times
Written on 2007-02-15 at 06:58

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P K Padhy
The poetry portrays the reality of life. "....Success is all public. Failure is all private .....". Well configured.

Dr P K Padhy, India

Failure is indeed all private...

Amanda K
you are innocently and simply telling us about your life.i do respect your honesty and approach.

all the best, amanda

A beautiful and pensive text!
Especially the first stanza is superb, in my opinion.
Welcome on the Bay!

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
A very insightful poem!I liked the flow in this one :) and the thoughts of course :) *applause*

Zoya Zaidi
The Indian spirit is evident in your poetry.
You seem to be inspired by Kabir Das...
Welcome again to the bay!
(((Hugs for the spiritual bend in your poems)))
Love, Zoya

betsy Firefly
I enjoyed this poem very much.