A prisoner of solitude?

I Am Drinking Alone

A warm summer day
At twilight,
The ocean manifests itself
In golden rays.
Here on the English Bay.
Far far away
Where the sky meets the ocean
The sun sinks deep
And blows the evening wind.
I pour wine into my cup
And spend hours and hours drinking alone
As time flies
The moon flickers its beam
Up in the sky.
I see the moon kiss the ocean
But I am drinking alone.

The vast ocean
The shining full moon
Gentle breeze all around
But still they are no friends of mine.
I raise my cup of wine
To invite the ocean
But the ocean is no drinker of wine.
Come and join me
We will drink and drink
We will let our eyes speak to eyes
Body speak to body
We will swallow each other
As the eclipse swallows the moon
Come! I am drinking alone.

Come and join me
We will drink the nectar of life
Until we take our own way.
As the sun sets with a promise
To rise again the next day
Being a devotee of true love
I promise you to meet again
In a far milky way.

Poetry by Gopi
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Written on 2009-11-11 at 21:24

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