A friendship garden

Rhymed verse embraces a shadowed heart
miles beyond the ocean, we stand, far apart.
Within magical shadows, of a moonlit night,
there shone upon us both, a beaming light.

In a magical song of the sun and moon,
sung friendship fairies in a hearts tune.
Through a seasonal changing breeze,
secrets of dreams whispered in the trees.

In a beautiful garden, of a deserted dream,
two souls floated down a lonely stream.
In a garden, where forgotten waters flow,
dreams intwined under a forming rainbow.

With stars shining a paths new direction,
daydreamed thoughts in the seas reflection.
Within a blossomed, tall standing rose,
grows a friendship that a dream only knows.

A garden blooms in the magic of night,
dreams meet in a little moon birds flight.
Dancing souls in a light of a bright star,
shadows of the moon drifting from afar.

Paths now turn where friendship does belong,
in enchanting tunes, dreamlands inticing song.
A rose sways and grows in this garden of love,
a light shines on us from the singing stars above.

Copyright 2007 Kristy Lee Holtum

~exercise your imagination~

Poetry by Shadows
Read 926 times
Written on 2007-02-17 at 00:27

Tags Friendship  Love 

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