Bible Stories

The Bible doesn't mention
Methusela had no pension
Nine hundred years without a dime
Was Methusela doing his hard time

Noah's thinking was all askew
He only thought in terms of two
More then two, the rules forbade
That rule for Noah was ironclad

Jonah was a bit too chummy
Living in that whales large tummy
But, somehow Jonah felt at home
Giving that whale it's gastronome

Little David, an unlikely hero
Felled the Giant from ten to zero
Goliath took it on the chin
Sling-shot-ing made short work of him

The Red Sea parted to free the Jews
That was the headline in the news
With all our science and high-tech
We can't, to this day, the Red Sea treck

Was it true or was it fable
Adam's son killed brother Abel?
Cain could not his God entice
Offering his first born for sacrifice

So when God accepted Abel's gift
Brother Cain was sure and swift
He went on a fiercesome rampage
Killing Abel in a jealous damned rage

How did these stories come to be?
I don't know, so don't ask me
I've thought and thought the stories through
But I can't reckon them...Can you?

by Stan Cooper...6/16/01 graphic by Don Hunt

Poetry by Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-02-22 at 04:54

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Kathy Lockhart
just keep writing...and i reckon we will know the answers one day.