A poem that tells the truth of how life can be lost in such an instant because of its fragile nature. Burdened by the loss of love, a struggle to bring a life back to the usual. I am proud to have written this one.

29 October 2005

Sires a single fawn.

I felt her for the first time in my arms;
My hands went tingly like the rage of the
epic flames in sorrow's eyes.
I wanted so badly, a dry-lip kiss,
a more gentle episode of lust that
cares for her like a new born.
A bullet, silver in shame but readied for a target.
Blood spilled like that of saliva shining
in a full lit moon
stretching its potential.

The plaid movements, breathing no more,
No less of the time and place; A kiss,
More serenity faded and soaked the plains,
A golden grain of smiles, crushed.

Ebony rags of nothing, an unfinished painting,
Pain screamed and it couldn't settle,
How love can be lost within a spur of time,
Math of a solvent: It kills instantly.

I ashamed how I felt during this agony,
fog rose under my eyes and it seemed reality
shimmied further.
The rain beneath my feet grew;
I hurried past the burning sighs like a shadow
hoping for a rope of survival.
Pity nor mercy entered my mind as I
started to weep sodden tears,
I longed for this girl that lay beneath me
in her spoilt clothes.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 1178 times
Written on 2005-10-29 at 12:34

Tags Dark  Love  Sad 

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ngaio Beck
Allegorical brilliance. Captivating story,which evokes a myriad of feeling.You're correct. This one is great.

Zoya Zaidi
Another brilliant piece!So much empathy! Such helpless anguish! you have a brilliant gift! Come what may, don't ever give up writing!