No shares are riskier than sharing love

They say that love is better shared
than kept in isolation,
privately discreetly guarded like a caged bird
and nourished, famished unto death,
the greatest tragedy of love,
when it can never reach, get out
but stays concealed in secret,
shied unto discretion of self-immolation.

Share it, then, for it is better
to be nailed upon the cross
and tortured unto death,
be hurt unto unbearability of psychic pain
and dragged into dishonour, shame and dirt
than not to share your love with whom you love,
no matter how she might mishandle you,
since any tragedy is better
than to let love stifle
without any story to remember.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 380 times
Written on 2007-02-28 at 10:50

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