Where oh where oh where do they go
All those words the keyboard created
Even the nerdy nerds don't know
And for this their egos deflated

The manuals are filled to the brim
They really are complete
You read how easy it is to trim
Just hit the key DELETE

Where oh where oh where do they go
Once you've performed this function
It really is so hard to know
Could it be a case of abduction ?

Cyberspace is so far out
Do we ever really conceive it
Deletions can't have that much clout
It's true you better believe it

Where oh where oh where is their place
Are they on Mars, It is doubtful
Can they just be bouncing around in space
To declare that is really a mouthful

Do they go to Washington, D.C.
Where perhaps they are all Watergating
Or might they be sailing the seven seas
While we are here contemplating

Should we ask Bill Gates, computer wiz
Where they all disappear to
After all he's the king of this biz
So knowing, he must appear to

Where oh where oh where do they go
Why are they so well hidden
I really really would love to know
And I am just not a kiddin

Being versed in computers is not my thing-er
But I have a need to know why
When I press DELETE with my little finger
The words all at once go by by

So, where oh where oh where do they go
And why are they lost forever
DELETING for words is a formidable foe
Just how did DELETE get so clever?

by Stan Cooper 1/99 graphic by Don Hunt

Poetry by Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 410 times
Written on 2007-03-01 at 18:46

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