Solitude of being

It's time to harvest the remaining days
to sit and watch the stars
to throw your troubles on the table
to relax and drop your guard.

To finally fold the paper dreams
and let forgetfulness stroll by
to reflect at the edge of every thought
and ignore the dismal sky.

To face the window and count your breath
and wait for the time to come
when your solitude of being
will unravel in the detail of the sun.

Rik - 01/03/2007

Poetry by Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-03-02 at 02:50

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lolol love the mouse by the way :D

the feelings of this come through softly... like a reflective moment, for me... not cheery, but not dark... just in the middle and waiting for something... i can't size up if what's waited for is a positive thing or not... if the detail in the sun will unravel something good for the voice here is not specified really... but that's what i find nice about this... leaves room for my mind to go on :) here, it opts for optimism though... changes and good can go along really well and they do meet, my opinion now :) beautiful poem as always :) *hugs* xx

Zoya Zaidi
Solitude of being
is a blessing in disguise;
When the moon shines bright
And the world sleeps tight,
The fairy of the solitude then visits you,
The quietude casts its spell on you
And your soul sings true...

((Hugs dear Rik for sharing this gem)))
Love, Zoya

I had to bookmark this, excellent!!!