Look, I can rhyme too. *lol*

Snapshots of my Invisibility

This is the end of the lie I told you
This is where you'll see the truth

This is where I take back my "I love you too"
This is where I waste my youth

Sometimes it feels like I did everything right
And you had it coming; of course you had

But I'll miss you, because you didn't fight
And you made sure I wasn't sad

This is where I change my mind
This is where I cry

You were always so kind
Still, there's a void, I sigh

You and I were never lovers
We were hardly even friends

We spoke words from old books' covers
And we can never make amends

This is where my decision's made
This is where I end my fairytale

This is where I'll slowly fade
This is where my soul's for sale

I wish I loved you more, I wish I was sorry
But there's no happy end in our story

Poetry by True Words Embellished
Read 813 times
Written on 2005-11-02 at 16:48

Tags Sadness  Love 

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So much sadness! I defnitely love the title, that's the reason I chose to read it...what can I say, Im speachless!

This is sad yet compelling almost like unrequited love,great stuff anyway.