It will soon be my 2 year anniversary of the day I changed my life

I dedicate this to all those who live or have lived in an abusive relationship

A Loveless Story With A Happy Ending

Long ago I married a boy
Who was just past 24
I had three babies along the way
And then there were no more

There were no more children
There was no more love
There was no more kindness
Just a man who screamed and shoved

I was a girl of 21
Who was mistaken from the start
I offered this boy my everything
He murdered the love in my heart

He murdered all my hope
He murdered all my desires
He murdered my everything
And cast my love into the fire

I was a woman of 52
When I left the abuse behind
Years of pain and suffering
Nearly destroyed body and mind

But I am alive and well
And thriving in my own way
Each day brings me opportunities
To stand up proud and say

You are not my redeemer
You are not my whole life
I am thriving in new love

Thanking God I'm not your wife

kathy lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 604 times
Written on 2007-03-05 at 08:56

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Let the love betray
Let the darkness block the way
Let the illusion run away
Love is divine for a poet and for those who live mundane life it is a business

Phyllis J. Rhodes
This is my sister. She is one of the greatest women I have ever known. I am so proud of her I could shout it from the mountain tops. She is talented, smart, beautiful in all ways. She has dealt with the devil and won! If you stand next to her you will feel the aura of her kindness and gentleness. But if she has to she will protect herself and any innocent person with all her power because she is also a lover of justice and truth. She will not allow anyone to do to her loved ones what was done to her. She will fight. She is full of care and tenderness. She forgives. She has learned so much from her ordeal and she is eager to help others who are where she was. She is a great woman of great character and I am so proud to be her sister.

betsy Firefly
God can turn any situation no matter how horrible! Too bad you had to suffer so ( if this is your story), but in the end "all things are worked together for the good, to those who love God"!

As I said all the adjectives that we can pull out of the dictionary fall short of the amazing person you are Kathy..

Strong Piece written with your special flare..

Love It


lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!

This text is a testament to your wonderful strength of character

it would be impossible for anyone reading this not to see and feel the awesome beauty of you as a person and real woman hugs for you rgds michael xxxykl

This poem offered light for all us single mum's, no matter which way we got to be Kathy. Well done on finding you again. Loved the poem. Smiling at you, Tai

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Shocking but positive revelations.