Mixing up

Mixed up with you is not an easy thing to be.
You lead me on to unknown depths
through whirlpools and uncharted shallows
to an end which neither of us know what it will be;
but we are not without a pilot,
and we know our course and what we want:
a love of limitless duration, depth and understanding,
and a constantly increasing personal intimacy
that always will bring us two closer to each other,
nearer to the core and heart and inner basic truth of life
with concentration on the burning secret of creation,
the chief mystery of all existence,
which we have the opportunity to find
by those two keys we have acquired to each other's souls.
I understand you, while you still don't know
whom you have found to guide you and protect you through the shallows,
but love will reveal it if you let me,
and I never shall move harder than you wish
but piously conform to your own pleasure,
knowing well the love that I can give you
can be so much more than all the world can offer you.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 448 times
Written on 2007-03-06 at 10:05

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What a beautiful ode to your love.

When reading the first lines I recognized myself as the part that causes swirlpools and shallows.

And then it all becomes beautiful, shear beauty.