Baconian Theorem

The plays of Shakespeare are thrilling
Including Macbeth and King Lear
I will never be ready or willing
To trash the great Bard's career

Some nineteenth century writers
Claimed Will did not author those plays
Those scholarly tabloid inciters
Sought another writer to praise

They shamefully came up with Bacon
Might have done better with ham
Their goal was to readers awaken
To their plagiarizing sham

Sir Francis, it's true, was a smarty
Was quite the "Pooh Bah" of his day
Did so many things that were arty
But couldn't be Shakespeare's valet

The Lord High Everything was "Pooh Bah"
Of most things he kept abreast
Keeper of the Seal, Lord Chancellor
Was Sir Bacon at his best

When knighted and addressed as Sir
It helped him stand tall and erect
But he's managed my wrath to incur
By making the great bard suspect

With such brilliance did Shakespeare write
He was so wonderfully able
Not even Sir Francis, the Knight
Would care to persist with their fable

by Stan Cooper...9/99 graphic by Don Hunt

Poetry by Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 432 times
Written on 2007-03-06 at 20:37

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
To be a little bit on the serous side about The Bard ,
It is not the key speeches of the main characters ,
In his plays , it is the smaller rolls in his plays ,
Who's observations of all that is going on all around ,
Shakespeare uses the miner parts to so give a cutting edge ,
I see Shakespeare passing comments on the greet and the grood,
Also a deep understanding of the human mind and condishan ,
In the selicis , main speeches , Shakespear tends to take us by the hand to see the futcher , an exsamploe of this is in ,
The taming of the shrew , Kathrine a head strong independant thinking woman , who on the fase of her situastan is deffeted ,
And resignde to being marred against her will , summons the ,
Younger woman , beary in much younder age , do not at fierst coome in a hurry, So Katherina , had to summon then 3 times ,
This comes after her key speech , I performde her speech ,
I thort as I gave the key speech , I took it up , defiance in my delivery , then i deliverd it in a more exseptance , but with an aterchoude ,
In the aterchuode of the younger wife's , Shakespear shows of things to come , I.E the aterchoude of woman today ,
So many of Shakespears play have exsamplews of shakespear all seeing and understandeing mind ,
ROMES & Juleat , is not just about the love between a young man 7 a young girl , it is also about the love of freindship when a boy becoming a man looing interst of boyish ways ,
Of discouveering love , ye discovering girls , and of his best mates seeing the end of or chage ing of friedship he had with Romeo ,
I think I will call a halt now , Shaespear is a writer of life.
Thanks , Stan me old mate ,
Ken (D Williams)