The pain in her heart

That beautiful face,
Those loving eyes.
And the constant smile,
Lurking on her lips.

She's beautiful,
And perfect.
Her body is curved,
Slim and sexy.

But she's not happy,
She hates herself.
Though you can't see it.
She's a master in disguise,
Though sometimes it slips.

She cries and feels sad,
Every time it rains.
No one can make her feel,
Feel what she is worth.
Not even a loving boyfriend.

No one knows what the problem is,
No one asks the right questions,
Not her friends,
Her boyfriend
Or her family.

No one knows,
The pain belongs to her,
She locks it inside her,
In her heart.

Poetry by heartbrokenone
Read 503 times
Written on 2007-03-06 at 22:44

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We all wear the mask HBO, just some get used to it, and we all have our secrets don't we? Loved my first read of you, look forward to more. Smiling at you, because that is preferable to being blue! lol Tai