Sites on Las Vegas Strip

The urge to erect this awesome production
Was an urge no one could stifle
Tourists are kept in awesome seduction
By this Tower known as the Eiffel

No name describes it much better
In Paris it's quite a big eyeful
Parisian quite to the letter
No Parisian considers it trifle

New York New York, the Empire State
Is home to lucky New Yawkers
As tourists, they to Vegas migrate
Turn into Strip-sighting gawkers

Gotham Citys' tall skyscrapers
And the Statue of Liberty, too
Delight the New Yawker gapers
Who revel at their Big Apple view

A short distance away, believe it or not
One can see a great roaring lion
It's the MGM Lion making claim to his spot
A spot well worth keeping an eye on

The Wizard of Oz might have whizzed up this scene
Just to keep all the tourists oggling
The building is shown in such beautiful green
It's beauty is truly mind boggling

And where but the desert could you see the Mirage
A mirage full of watery fountains
It's loveliness attracts a tourist barrage
In this desert surrounded by mountains

Where else could be found white tigers
In desert with volcanos spewing
Neither the Congo or Niger
Have comparable sights for viewing

"See the pyramid along the Nile"
A lyric befitting the Strip
Since the Luxor's Egyptian style
Brings the Sphinx to your Vegas trip

King Arthur's knights, with table round
Excalibur displays their lore
On the Strip, Camelot is found
With castles and heros galore

Take the road to Mandalay
Or play at The Monte Carlo
Delight in the Strip's array
Of sites, Las Vegas has borrowed

In the wondrous Aladdin package
From a bottle, watch a genie pop out
When you whisk through the Desert Passage
No longer will you a genie doubt

Hooray for the site known as Harrahs
Not too far from the birdy Flamingo
There's even an Imperial Palace
Where is spoken some Japanese lingo

Take in the games of the Roman Empire
With Anthony and Emporer Caesar
What greater goal could one ever aspire
Then to be Cleopatra's pleaser

Reproducing Chapel Cistine
The Venetian shows it's admiration
For his beautious ceiling pristine
Michaelangelo earned veneration

Visit the place of dark bootys
Found at the Treasure Island village
With it's richness and pirated loot-ies
Those sea robbers managed to pillage

The Bellagio at Como Lake
Mountain town, beautifully alpine
In Vegas now has a namesake
As befits the finest of fine

Exquisite sounds of music are heard
While showers of waters dance
To strains of opera or Beethoven's third
These fountains with music entrance

Pay a visit to Wynn, where you'll surely not lose
Enjoy its exquisite decor
If it's beauty and elegance that you enthuse
Wynn's grandeur will keep you in awe

Come to this gambling mecca Strip
Plan on a great Vegas stay
It surely is a wondrous trip
Seeing the world in a day

by Stan Cooper...10/1/2000
graphic by Don Hunt

Poetry by Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 544 times
Written on 2007-03-07 at 20:17

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