The Junk Society

Those barking dogs of madding crowds
are like an anthill thrown in chaos,
all a muddle in a stressed up vanity,
humanity forsaken and seduced
by media brainwash stuff
completely overrunning everyone
with information of no consequence
or meaning, drivelling and vulgar nonsense
for the chaos merchants to make money
on upsetting everyone as much as possible,
the servants of this sick society
that turns all thoughtless people into addicts
either by blind medication or on drugs,
unless they drop out as alcoholics
or just leave it all to its own self-destructive holocaust
to save themselves, a few exceptions and sane individuals
from the general perdition.
How can we stand it? That's just what we can't,
and that's what saves us. If we just look through it
and observe the overwhelming junk flow of society
and recognize it as the madhouse carousel it is,
we can detach ourselves from it and rise above it
for a better purpose of our lives to find
of something more enduring, permanent and meaningful.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 368 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 00:12

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You bring to light humanities greatest compromise on compassion.

Kathy Lockhart
i felt the turmoil and the spinning vortex of the madness in our society in your text. You have written the truth.

Zoya Zaidi
You are right, Chris, one is so caught up at times in the loud canvassing of useless stuff, that things of real worth take a back seat in our minds and lives, and sometimes it is so difficult to rise above the mundane; But, rise above we must for the thoughts, ideas and creativity of real worth...

((Hugs for the thought provoking write))))
Love, Zoya