Today i.e. 10th March is a National Uprising Day for Tibetans. I dedicate this poem to all those valient freedom fighters who gave up thier life for the cause of Tibet. Saluate!

Mao's Pleas.

Today I wake up
to the sound of pouring snow.
It was thou Mao-Tse-Tung, I remember.
Thy madness in disguised form of reform
full of chaos and fury,
Which at this time for thee
signifies nothing.
Thou butchered not only
mine race...
but thine too.
And now thou lay
there crying in the grave
mourning and repenting
for it is too late.
Thou not only raged mortals
but nature too...
and now thou face nature's rage
that chill thy bones
giving thee sleepless night,
even in the grave.
And the bloods of innocents
which is unfathomable
drowns thee...
and cries of innocents...
pierce thy ear
making thee deaf.
In such circumstance,
thou shout and scream
to tell the ultimate fate
to thy fellow men
but all thine effort
goes in vain.

I heard it all and Mao's pleas.
So, here am I
to reveal and to convey
Mao's pleas to thee...
thee fellow beings of his.
Don't let Tibetans' effort go in vain.
Otherwise thou will realize
in the grave...
Thy life was spent in vain.

Wangdi Gyalpo.

Poetry by Wangdi Gyalpo
Read 869 times
Written on 2007-03-10 at 07:23

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Christian Lanciai
Mao is without comparison the greatest murderer in world history. The victims of his politics not only comprise the starvation casualties resulting from the enforced and failed industrial revolution in the 60s, not only the millions of victims of the cultural revolution, a holocaust going on for ten years, not only the 1,2 million Tibetans executed 1950-1980, but also the hundreds of millions of unborn or enforcedly aborted babies and their mothers victimised by his one child policy, altogether much more than a 100 million murders on the conscience of this one man and his communist party.

Add to that his military support to the governments of Pol Pot in Cambodia making his genocide there of 1,5 million Cambodians possible, and to the Burma junta, which still is terrorising the whole country.

Thanks for reminding us, Wangdi.