escape from the garden of eden


it's something that sits so well
she can't shake the seduction she's under

there's something that wets the air
in the sands of this spell-bound wonder
in the glue of this stagnant garden
the betrayal of this so-called bliss
there's something that hides,
something, somewhere, amiss.

and it's something that smells
so real
something that bleeds
so rough
and claws at her barren heels
her unborn skin
her unformed throat
her unused mouth...

something she longs to scream
but can't say what it's all about
she's pregnant
with harbored sin
her hatchlings await the sun
no escape
from the hunger within
no remorse
in the ruins to come

no regret, no return, no religion could bear
the release
of this fruit
that pervades through her air
saturates through her skin
mesmerizes her stagnant repose
her uncovered resolve
unconcealed sacrifice
no escape but in truth
no respect in God's eyes...

there're no seasons in Eden,
but her fire brings fall--
snakes shed skin
leaves turn red
playpens plummet
skies unfold
fires blaze from these manifold mouths
hungry scavengers rage
lightning scatters throughout

lungs inhale
navels scream
pupils widen their flow
famine beckons within
onto dreamscapes untold
by the lifeless perfection of ignorant bliss

witness now God's creation
witness RISE
witness stumble God's beauteous beast--

Frankenstein in the shadows, infested
and plagued in the flesh of the savior
appalled at the saved

and there's something
in the gravity pull she's under
something sweet in the exhaled rage,
something sharp in the laughing thunder

dagger-eyed pregnant virgin
how you tremble now here
'mid these legions you've damned,
and delivered to burn through these lands
to rise and to ravage
in hunger and lust
in quest of the wisdom you'd bought
with your paradise lost
and now how you tremble!
your throat open deep:
what truths gave the snake!
but which did he keep?

Poetry by sasha khrebtukova
Read 621 times
Written on 2007-03-12 at 17:26

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