You bastard!

When I met you,
you scared me.
Didn't dare to talk to you,
or be alone with you.

But you convinced me.
You liked me
And you were the boy for me.

After a while we met again
Still scared of you,
but more daring now.
I had grown, so had you.

Our eyes met, and I fell.
You were my first big love.
We had a wonderful time,
but not long.

I made a mistake and dumped you
for another guy.
Lucky for me, you took me back,
when I came longing for you.

I convinced you.
I liked you
And I was the girl for you.

This time, it lasted longer,
and we were even happier
Who could imagine?
But then things changed.

We started different schools
got seperate friends.
You got a friend who made you screw up.
He were funny, but joked about everything.
Even us.

You joked about us
I could not take it
so we splitt, again.
We both went new ways.

You got a new girl,
I got a new boy,
but we were on each others mind
all the time.

I conviced me.
I loved you,
but you were not the boy for me.

When you were free,
you wanted me back,
But I was taken.
When I was free,
you were taken.

We hated our lifes,
but lived on.
Got together occationally.
Cheated. But loved.

You kept telling me to give you a new chance.
So I did, everyone deserve a second chance.
But you screwed it up again!
And we went seperate paths.

I convinced me again.
I loved you,
but you were not the boy for me.

We grew even more,
still thinking of one another.
Still missing one another.
But I was not going to take a chance again.

We became best friends instead.
Had the greatest time together.
Hang along with new lovers.
Having the time of our lifes.

Poetry by heartbrokenone
Read 502 times
Written on 2007-03-13 at 13:15

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