God can use any part of you, you allow him to use.

Do I Deserve More Time?

Wandering through a wasted day
There isn't much that I can say
that I have done to deserve more time.
Is it enough to make a rhyme?
Should not my day's account have in it
Something that has improved a minute
Of someones life, someone's mind
Even if it I was merely kind
I should not sit and waste God's time
But maybe with this little rhyme
I'll redeem myself and He will find
That it is worthy just because
Someone read it and took pause
To contemplate the way
They spent the hours of their day
And questioned if they should
Take stock of all the things they could
Have done to make this place
A little better for the human race
A smile doesn't cost so much
Neither does a gentle touch
Both can give a reprieve from sadness
Offer a moment, a dose of gladness
It lifts a heart, just what is needed
To get someone's hard day completed
I could do that with my time
I could do that with a rhyme
God would be glad and so would I
And for that day I would know why
I was alive and on this earth
To give a bit, to know my worth
I was needed today you see
God used a wandering wasteful, me.

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 530 times
Written on 2007-03-13 at 20:34

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Kathy Lockhart
wow sis this sounds like Mom. She would write this. And Daddy too. It does give me pause to think about what I am doing and I have to say it truly isn't enough. Thanks for this very special poem.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
ohyllisthis issuch a prphetical text i applaud you and laud you in my book marks but I would love for you to read a poem called Tomlinson by Rudyard Kipling

iam sure you will find it interesting well done rgds mike