a conversation between a man and woman

Trying To Mend Your Broken Heart

He said, " Loneliness...Causes true feelings to be scratched on Papyrus. Somehow they will be turned into expressions of art labeled poems. Quiet visions blurring my hazy vision of a loving woman. To love you passionately for umpteen with no stopping, except for water, showers and baths...".

So I then said, " This loneliness...though faced in chaotic mind, subsequently and inevitably subsides through ages of emancipated time. Then shall life be...Divine...Divine...Divine.".

I've tried to help
Life's absurd taste
So bitter with strange affected flavors of motion
That crazed and dazed notion
Of shit infested emotions!
Though I've tried to help
Plead for sane sights of your perennial broken heart
And mindful portioned anger
So misconstrued
I've tried to help
With gaiety of my world
Hurled! at you to move
With strength of smiling heat felt kindness
And timeless hours of groove...

Poetry by j.bautista-lumley
Read 274 times
Written on 2007-03-17 at 16:42

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