From the book of poetry The Greatest Treasure by Amy Romaine Buchanan copyright 2005

A Blindness Of Life

Life is not just the world in a busy
Each individual striving to gain
benefit of material joy.

Where the sight is transfixed on the
achievement of personal glory.

People scampering to hold on to

Not pausing to look upon wonders
existing everywhere.

They never take a moment to feel
the pleasant warmth of the sun.

They never stop to listen to the
melody of nature.

They never notice the fragrance of
colorful banquets.

They fail to marvel at the iridescent
blue of the sky.

They are not awestruck at the
magnificence of the velvet, jeweled
night sky.

Opening your eyes to life's endless
brightness can instill a depth of
appreciation that can reach your heart.

If the eyes and heart are wide open
to life.
It can teach a treasure of wisdom.

Do not develop a blindness of life.
Because then you are blinding
yourself to a precious privilege.

Poetry by Amy Buchanan
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Written on 2007-03-30 at 03:56

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Zoya Zaidi
I agree, life is much more than just living and existing being born and dying!
reminds me of my own reflection s on life:
'Lessons from life', 'Life and Time', 'Life is never the same', 'Life and Death', 'Just a moment in Time ' etc.
Check some of them out, if you like, would love to have your opinion!
Love, Zoya