Trees loose leaves and at every loss they grow. Every leave plays its part to make the tree and departs. Every departing person gives one a lot of experience, before leaving........
But you dont seek experince from any person, but seek the person itself.

No flowery hope!

Winter steps in, with woods shedding the leaves
At every step. Wind accompanies,
Erases the upper layers, and the
Deep-dwelling memories do arise!

Many thousands, wandered among
The woods of heavy falling leaves,
Winter-jasmines fallen on the frontyard,
The bright deepam in the misty morn
And ganta naadam at devalaya

And all were lost in the winter itself!
The days went dry and fell,
ANd in the winters itself the years passed!

Winter-jasmines spread on the frontyard
And the plant rejoices at the fall.
And it awaits the flowers with tomorrow's call.
Do all plants get back their flowers
Once in year, or one in year.

But she that has left, do never return
In the whole life................!!

Poetry by Raghavendra
Read 565 times
Written on 2007-04-04 at 21:21

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wow1 what imagiry....great work...memories like eroding soil...
cheers to you n winter!
tc cr