Especially Dedicated Aman and Liliana.


Friends are here,

Friends are there,

But true friends are very rare.

Sometimes friends give us tears,

But also, they overcome our fears.

And become one of our dears.

A true friend never changes like season,

Due to any reason,

Friends should be few,

But shouldn't be in any queue.

Who among them is true,

About this there is no clue.

A friend is like a huge tree,

Who gives us his shadow absolutely free,

We enjoy this shadow with great glee,

For ignoring him we don't find any plea.

So, be a good friend,

Infact, a very good friend,

For me, it is the old but gold trend.

Poetry by Vishal
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Written on 2007-04-09 at 15:50

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thank you, Vishal! :) I'm overwhelmed by your kindness, to mention my name in relation to such a beautiful poem!
Lilly xxx

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thanks, it was an interesting poem.


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