Sing through the buttons
of my blouse.
Mother of pearl in smooth round,
sparkled within gold bangle;
hair ribbons in shimmer.

To bare bone I say,
where core sets fire,
past gossamer and lace,
into passion fueled desire.

Pose upon whispered wind
with rivers flow
like shiny satin
and majestic mountain peaks
who prize their wealth.

Expose the brittle edge
of nearly hidden madness,
past silk seamed hose,
where ocean waves wash
and sand pins her points
in tell of what may be.

There is no inner moment
more defined
when press is more
than just a kiss,
and care falls fresh as
breath of air.

And there laid prone
from want and need,
exhales the moment spent,
as soft caress
on feathered lash
eases the dreams of night.

Copyright © 2007
Pamela A. Lamppa
(All Rights Reserved)

Poetry by Pamela A Lamppa
Read 913 times
Written on 2007-04-09 at 22:31

Tags Sensual  Nature 

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yoonoos peerbocus
a subtle analysis of basic human make up--desire, want-juxtaposed in concrete environment inadequate to meet the deam of MAN-fantastic