Love essence filters
in the night
without compunction;

It is less than bearable
in unbearable sorrow.

United was not appressed enough.
Filling me was not imbued enough.

Heaven graced in tremble, for a moment
and blessed a tear;
the one that bathed within regret,
that coddled within care, that persuaded my body
to leap pulling love into it.

I am without me;
on the other side of exclusive
in my without love world.

And in my rue,
I am found inadequate
to present love, though all
of me has surrendered to love.

No exoneration was gained in restricted moments
held lightly bonded upon a dream of perhaps...

...and when the lights dimmed
heart's bells tolled
the agony of loss.
I broke inside when the cry
bled my tears to never dry.

Dare I whisper love's name
lest I scream it in bleak wail
to fall...where?

No ears are listening
to hear my grief,
no words are said
to comfort my escape;
the core of my touch.

There are no days
left to capture what is absent.

I will never touch nor
my fingers feel sufficient again.

Essence in remiss,
in the dark,

Poetry by Pamela A Lamppa
Read 1055 times
Written on 2007-06-12 at 02:31

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