From time to time . . .


Life is tough from time to time
and I leave my troubles with a sigh

Life is magical from time to time
and I treasure the joy

that I feel deep inside

Life is a mystery
Love is another one

and I leave my troubles behind
and I treasure the joy
eternal blissful moments

Life is tough
from time to time
Life is a mystery

Love is what gives
meaning to my life

Love me
Allow me to love you
and everything is going to be all right

Long for the moments
the moments that give
meaning to your life
treasure them forever
make them a part of you

and in. . .

another lifetime
in another dimension

someone is afraid
to live life
another broken arrow
left it's marks in the heart
of the adult - child
that sleeps lonely every night

The child will wake up tomorrow
the eyes of sorrow will search for
comfort in your eyes
will you smile back
or will you pass by
with a sigh?

You are needed
You are loved
Give back
Give back the moments
you cried with laughter
to those that cry
alone. . . in an empty bed

In another lifetime
In another dimension

You found the meaning of life
and it's a part of you now

Give back moments of joy
and life will be magical
all the time. . . I promise. . .
Please believe me. . .


Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 912 times
Written on 2007-04-12 at 00:01

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With you love, you have a responsibility and duty to spread it around as often and plentiful as you can, a wonderful piece here!!!!

beautiful as always

Amanda K
life does narrate each day a story and we should stop being worried about it and enjoy the love we can give and receive.i loved ure poem..
keep it up

Zoya Zaidi
And this a magical poem, dear 'night soul' with myraids and layers of meaning hidden in its poetic lines!
I just loved this and am book marking it to read again and agian later, to unravel all those layers of meanings...
(((Hugs and God Bless!)))
Love, Zoya

Karen Canning
you know I love the depths of this one and the ending


betsy Firefly
A recognizable situation poem.


Once again Carmen you prove to be among the best at getting an amazing message across.

Loving this immensely!!!!!


great peom my dear friend about life

Kathy Lockhart
Carmen what a beautiful poem of love, kindness, and caring. bookmarked

The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and to be loved in return, Nat King Cole. You are and always will be loved!!