Another poem from 2001, written during a rather dreary moment and yet one which filled me with new hope and the willingness to get out of the place I was stuck in.

Funny little world

Today I was born anew
arising from the
deep seas
in which
they drowned me
a granite
tied to my feet
not knowing
that I would
hold my breath
as they turned
their backs

Back to the sunlight
I shot
into the innocent
tranquil blue
of the sky
avoiding each
rain cloud
reaching higher
and higher
into infinite

Leaving behind
all the minor burdens
the pathetic worries
the oh so dreary
on my shoulders
as I watch
those funny trifles
on two legs
whizzing around
creepy like insects
each jumping up
to grasp a little louse
they think
a star

And I
looking on
can still feel
the itching of
my human flesh
but it bothers
me no longer
cos' my mind
my mind
at last
is free

Poetry by Havetslys
Read 786 times
Written on 2007-04-15 at 21:02

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J. E.
I enjoyed this poem immensely. I can easily relate to this. I've been "playing" this poem in my mind many many times - thank you for putting it down on paper. I like the way you think. I like the way you write. I'm glad you joined the bay.

Mark J. Wood
Poetry is a wonderful drug; the only side-effects being ignorant critics who don't understand that the lasting benefit is in the writing and not in the royalties. It should be on prescription.

This reminds me that I am one of the shameful insects. Thanks.


Peter Humphreys The PoetBay support member heart!
Poetry can sometimes give voice to those inner emotions, sometimes turmoils, in our lives. Sharing this voice is also so important through skillful writing, as here. Writing can also help us over, and on with, our life journey, which is what this poem captures for me. Thank you.

Rob Graber
Effective variation in line length. Enjoyed this!