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Hello fellow writers, I'm Berni, a 26-year old female from Germany whose great passion, other than travelling, is writing. So far I have completed 3 crime novels and written several poems, some of which I'd like to share here with you. Feel free to contact me any time as I'd be happy to get to know some like-minded people here :)
I studied languages and cultures and have been travelling as much as I possibly can over the past few years, always eager to learn about the abundance of different ways of living and thinking in this world. It's this approach of mine that has helped me broaden my own horizon step by step, and that brings me new inspiration for writing when I least expect it. Not only has writing helped me get in touch with some levels of myself I never knew existed before, it has also allowed me to gain a better understanding of other people and to actually communicate with others through words that a plain face-to-face conversation could never reach.


42 years old from Germany

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