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39 years old from Germany

The latest comments that Havetslys has written.

La Vida Mia/My Life

'yo vivo para sufrir'...me parece muy pero muy conocido, pero aun asi a veces una vida de sufrimiento es mejor que la muerte. Por que? Porque mientras vivamos tenemos la oportunidad de llenar con alegria las vidas de otras personas, con nuestra presencia, y aunque suframos nunca dejamos de tener la oportunidad de abrir nuestros ojos a la belleza en el mundo y en la vida de cada uno.

1st Impression

A wonderful way of expressing a longing almost each of us knows all too well:to be recognised and appreciated for who we truly are. And yet that seems so hard to achieve...maybe sometimes it's even down to us being too shy to fully reveal our true selves, and we feel way safer behind the clown's mask, even though behind it our true self is crying.

the rain

A wonderful write, Peter. Made me think of the pourring, refreshing rain we all need in our lives at times to wash ourselves clean of all the troubles and burdens and start from scratch, creating space and fruitful soil for new blossoms to grow.


FIRST of all I really liked that title, it made me believe that a very life-affirming text would follow, including its permanent flow, and I was not disappointed. Great piece!

Silent night fever

A thought-provoking poem that goes down as fast as the water running down the mountains. Well written!


A very nice poem expressing the downsides of motherhood which many young women not yet a mother (like me) are certainly afraid of...Thanks for sharing it with us.


I've often wondered how I'll know I've met a soulmate, how I'll be sure...your poem just explained it to me. Tack! :)

My hands

Amazing how such simple a thing as looking at our hands can gain such meaning-a lovely idea!

Sometimes I feel I am the Rain

A very special way of expressing the very powerful feeling of love through the elements of nature-this poem itself reads like the pleasant flow of gentle and warm summer rain. Very well done!

Weather vane

This poem seems loaded with atmosphere, and the last line is rather thought-provoking. Very interesting!

love you forever

What a deep love you're expressing here-the person who this is dedicated too is lucky indeed.


Short and to the point-it is amazing how in such few words you express something so big. A poem that really made me think.