1st Impression

I am a sad clown
I live with an internal frown
When people first look into my eyes
All they see is an evil demise
Someone they can’t take serious
To them my intelligence is oblivious
So I act the fool
Just to be cool
For if they only knew
Anything about me
They would see
That I am nothing what I appear to be
I am a gentle soul
Living in a hole
Awaiting the day that I can be let out
And greet the world with a shout
I am very humble
Please remove me from that label
That everyone thinks of me
Please give me a chance and get to know me

Poetry by Ken Ortiz
Read 1233 times
Written on 2007-07-03 at 18:56

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A wonderful poem, beautiful rhymes and good imagery. i loved it.

Anne Westlund
Hi Ken

Cool poem! We just have to act to get through each day don't we. Clowns all...


A wonderful way of expressing a longing almost each of us knows all too well:to be recognised and appreciated for who we truly are. And yet that seems so hard to achieve...maybe sometimes it's even down to us being too shy to fully reveal our true selves, and we feel way safer behind the clown's mask, even though behind it our true self is crying.

This one reminds me of my self. And the fact that very few people truly know me for who I really am.
To put it in writing like this is very good.
Keep up the great work.

Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
Rhymes and figures is what this great work of art is made of. You cannot judge the book by its cover. Always remember that my friend. Your heart will always show you who you are.

My guess is that this is not a description of yourself anymore
then anybody else???

Dear ken.

Who are we - when we are.

I like this poem, it is deep and I believe we all have meet those people that think they know us...for real.. the first time they see us.
They dont let us express ourself, because they allready know.!

Take care Ken



Peter Humphreys The PoetBay support member heart!
Through poetry it is sometimes possible to escape the masks or roles we assume to help us cope with ungentle life and through the words fly free. You are in good company here.

Thats just something i thought, but of course you are the creator of this work, and if my opinion is not quite right, i apologize.

Sup ken, you cant wait for people to give you a chance because people are unreliable. I know im young but this is one thing ive learnt. My outlook in life right now, being 18, is that i assess my situation, and i control it. You give people what you want to give them, whether they accept it or not is up to them. You say what you have to and act as you have to, but always be self analytical and think about wat you say/do. Take their opinion into consideration, but dont allow it to control you.

Earl Jackson
This is a terrific write...

"I am a sad clown
I live with an internal frown
When people first look into my eyes
All they see is an evil demise
Someone they can't take serious"

Be sad no more my friend.... to be understood and accepted is what living is all about...


Wonderful poem here... Very deep.
Great write

Sometimes we have to hide our pain so to show others we arn't weak sometimes we hide pain as for to move on our lives...sometimes we hide INside our pains and that when people doesnt get to know you very well...


Brielle Guesstell
Very good. Very deep.

gd one dear frnd:)

...isn't this what we all seek?...to be understood and accepted...yet, so often we hide behind a mask and play a part

you express your inner heart with raw and naked emotion

i like this first impression Ken.

welcome to the bay

it seems like a message

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
You send a very important message through this well written poem. It is imperative to not make judgements on first impressions or strickly on the outside appearances. Beneath the surface lies the truth of who we are.

hi there
this is a heart felt poem
you write from the heart
loved it

Zoya Zaidi
Reminds me of a clown's sad story!
Yes, we wear masks to hide our pain at times...
Welcome to the bay dear Ken!
Love, Zoya