I think I got the idea for this from a song my brother was listening to, but I don't really remember because it was a long time ago. For that reason, if it closely resembles ANYTHING, I apoligize ahead of time.

Family Dilemma

Screasm have pierced the night again,
But no one seems to hear.
They stay safe within their bed,
They have nothing to fear.

Across the street the fight ensues,
Fueled by drunken rage.
He doesn't care; he hits his wife;
His violence on stage.

The screams come from his love,
The insults come from him.
The cries come from his little girl;
Their future looks so dim.

The little girl is crying,
All she can do is look.
Look on as first he kills his wife,
And then his life he took.

They've left their daughter all alone,
Without so much a letter.
She doesn't really care though,
Because now she's doing better.

She lives her life in happiness,
Unlike she did before.
She has a new family now,
And something to live for.

Poetry by Surreal
Read 1168 times
Written on 2007-04-17 at 16:36

Tags Family  Death 

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