I found this one in my drafts started months ago. I had the first 6 lines done and I finished it this morning not knowing where it was taking me.

Miracles Made (a story of giving)

sad little button laid on a shelf
covered in dust, empty of self
sad little doll missing one eye
no one to see that tear your cry
sad little girl lost and alone
searching for comfort, without a home
happy the angel sent from above
in her arms are baskets of love
watch as you see a miracle made
three sad ones each mislaid
united by love in a basket tossed
a doll, a button, a little girl lost
sew little girl and button place
upon the doll's waiting face
with two eyes she sees you there
crying "mama" shedding tears
button sees a whole new world
through the eyes of doll and girl
each forgotten, discarded, tossed
until the angel saved the lost
now look and you will see
the feather tucked so perfectly
in the sweet girl's flowing hair
and above her head a halo there
for now she is an angel too
holding the doll and calling for you
to help the needy along the way
share your time and then one day
you will see the miracle made
by angels finding souls mislaid.


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1299 times
Written on 2007-04-18 at 09:19

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smitha anoop
a real motherful poem.

thank you for giving
such an experience in

with rds,

HI there mom...I love the piece from the start up to the end...
I miss you much===great work==Kissess****Haseen Whel**

betsy Firefly
A true story of giving - the way it was meant to be?


What a beautiful poem.

I can really tell how after the 6 lines that it suddenly comes to life... and just gets more lovely from there. Almost like a bud springing open!
Great write!

M Heathcote
((miracles are made with love))
and tender hearts such as your's

what can I say this really touched my heart, I want to thank you for a wonderful read,,,Eddy

Colin Skilton
its when we return to something and let it take us on
its own journey that something wonderful happens and here
wow! its so beautiful and brought a tear to eyes.
Thankyou for returning to your draft and thankyou for finishing it so we can all share in its beauty and song.

....... words don't really say it.


Zoya Zaidi
*Bookmarked and Applause*

Zoya Zaidi
This is so beautiful, dear Soul sista!
It fills me with sense of quite peace, and wonder!
Peace, for the content of the poem.
Wonder at the artful way in which you have woven a message of hope and giving in the story!
(((Double hugs for this dear Kathy)))
Love, Zoya

Greatly done, no matter how strong or weak, we all need comfort!!!

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh my god!This poem is. . .is . . . is. . . Kathy!WOW!I can only type that this poem is magical and bookmark it immediately and read it over and over again!*storm of applause*Thank you for sharing this treasure with us here on poetbay!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
sorry lady not lady and i bookmark this

hugs Michael xxx

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh nKatherine what anabsolutely endearing and beautiful poem texts like these should not be left on the shelf
and i am glad you shared this one
love you for it pretty lasdy ylkmike xxxx

A magic poem!
Glittering, angel-shaped bookmark, of course :-)