Dedicated to all who have suffered from abuse.

Little Voice

I am in here, the little voice cries.

Far beneath the visible, she weeps.
Long ago buried by pain and rejection,
she lives gasping now for breath.

Help me, don't forget me, is her plea.

Look inside yourself, you will find her
She needs you and you need her.

Take away the layers of masks that
smother her, those scars that have
become walls, suffocating walls, of death.

Let her out.
Look at her.
She is beautiful.

Once upon a time she was a girl
innocent of all blame.
She was free until, one by one,
she was used and abused
by those who should have protected her;
those who should have adored her;
those who should have given her hope.

Now she is covered by their filth.
The waste of their choices lingers
but hasn't killed her for she breathes.

Still she lives.
Still she longs to be free.
Still she calls out for your help.

Help her and help yourself.
Free her and free yourself.
Love her and love yourself.

It is now time to open up those walls
and let her speak.

Quiet now. I hear her whispering...

Free me, I am your salvation.
Listen to my heartbeat. It beats for you.

I am you.

Take her in your arms.
That's right, embrace yourself.
She is valuable and so are you.

It is your day of Liberation!

Fly, soar to the hope that is in you.


kathy lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1324 times
Written on 2007-04-21 at 04:58

Tags Abuse 

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Oh, how griefstruck you leave me Dear Kathy.

But hopeful yet.

A beautiful write.

Magnificent Write Kathy, a testament to your wisdom, compassion and Fantastic Talent


This was a very well written piece
Great write mama kathy ^^
I enjoyed reading your piece

Keep up the good work
Always ^^

wow Kathy this is really fantastic, a bit like its author, this man bows down to your brilliance,,,Eddy

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
A mighty powerful message my sweet lady this shows your indominatble compassion for all who are hurt like this well done

you have a wonderful heart hugs michael ykl xxx

..... this is a poem carrying hope and strength for every heart saddened by abuse ... past and present ....

best wishes