And your dreamgirl is waiting for you to save yourself

Fallen trees brook your bridge
Burning candles and cold and found food
and old newspappers that reminds you
of all your mistakes and the happiness you once felt
Old cola-cans as glass and burning sticks as light
You feel loneliness this night

A group of drunk teenagers deny you,
maybe one or two kicks on you
Then comes the morning and you're walking
through the depression
There's a house waiting for be sold and you
damn want your dream house back
But then you're walking close to the bank
and you know there's always a No

Walk ner the bus-station
take a bus to Hollywood
as you wanted to before
pick up your dreamgirl and hit
the bastard who took her
away from you

(But she has always been closer to you,
than what she ever will be to him)

Kiss your daughter
and let your life be right again

Poetry by Halloway
Read 706 times
Written on 2007-04-23 at 19:57

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Nice :)
Fortsätt så!