I wrote this yesterday in Sweden.
I translated it today, but if you want to read the original
you can send a mail to me.
Please write a comment

Au revoir

She laid herself down on the railway tracks
Dear railway tracks
So many who has travelled on
the railway tracks, never
has she been one of them
one in the number of people

Todays last train
her last hope
She will be free now
The train will take her
far far away

She ties the hands
in the tracks with a scarf
(For once grannys smothering
will do some good)

The tones from the headphones and
the hyperventilating breathes
will be the last
and the whining feeling in the stomach
and the strangled thread around the neck
will be the last feelings
The arms full of words
becomes the last written
(Poetry, philosophy, imaginations)

"au revoir"
will be the last said

Poetry by Halloway
Read 863 times
Written on 2007-06-01 at 15:51

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Zoya Zaidi
It is so beatifully done! But, I hate suicides!
I do hope someone comes to her rescue...
Love, Zoya

nice poetry. i liked it. when you wrote, she'll be free from this words..........th train'll take her far far away...........

Wow......So emotional and very nice poetry. i would like to read this one in the swedish...