Manhattan Isle

With their unique tunnel vision
New Yorkers view Manhattan as hallowed ground
Proving with Big-Apple precision
It's Manhattan the earth revolves around

The earth spinning around Manhattan Isle
Has found the New York groove
Revolving in its groovy style
Like New Yorkers on the move

Their famous yellow taxicabs abound
Just so long as it's not pouring
For when it rains, they can't be found
'Cause the cabbies are home snoring

The infamous city subways
Form a labyrinth of tunnels below
New Yorkers ride them everyday
As they travel toe-to-toe

Third Avenue is their Middle East
The Hudson River their Red Sea
Broadway, at it's very least
The showplace for the bourgeoisie

Fifth Avenue, with charm and grace
Separates Manhattan's east from west
Madison Avenue, the grand show-case
For the haute couture set to buy the best

Tokyo, Paris, London, and Rome
Are four cities with worldly fame
But Manhattan-ites know their island home
Is the city most deserving acclaim

Manhattan, has no Eiffel Tower
Picadilly or Follies Bergere
But the Big Apple's magical power
Creates excitement beyond compare

Culturally New York City shines
With Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center
And gourmet restaurants in which to dine
Inviting bon vivants to enter

View from Manhattan's southern tip
The Statue of Liberty stands
Welcoming all from their Atlantic trip
To the city that's grander than grand

Visitors feel its energy
That's so very New York unique
Its melting-pot diversity
Keeps the City at its peak

Mother earth is fortunate
She has The Big Apple to spin about
No other place, New Yorkers submit
Has Manhattan Islands kind of clout

by Stan Cooper...8/29/05 Graphic by Don Hunt

Poetry by Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-04-24 at 14:23

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