this is brand new experimental stuff....please play nice and be careful with this little number. i don't know if it's finished or even started...i hope you can make sense of that.

peace and cornflakes.

from now 'til bed

photo copied
paroxide promise
like minded shadow

burnt out eyes
cut corners off
wingless hand painted
tip toes

bricked window for sale

cards accepted - delivery unavoidable

torn off
comic practice
incision made clear


(one sneeze away from orgasm)

counsel void erection

waking into the room.

Poetry by Aaron Jon Wells
Read 474 times
Written on 2005-06-23 at 21:25

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going with the perspective of an ad 'cause I also find that's how it looks like at the beginning.. and the title, "From now 'til bed" makes me think this guy is looking for some intimate (to put it simply) time with a woman... the way it unfolds and concludes makes me think this guy wasn't too successful in his quest... experimental, I guess is even more open to different interpretations :) I like this... I find it original... and the way it's set up lets my mind go off into my own thoughts which is something I like very much when I read poetry... good work, really... thanks for sharing :)


chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
i like it - reads like a personal ad at the beginning which i am sure is your intention. i like the first 2 verses best, the rest is good but strays from that initial thought of an ad, all good, experimentation is a good thing.