This is a story that happened only days ago. A friend of mine. A girl. She has said for months that i am her best friend. But she nevere hardly speaks to me or invite me to the movies when she asks everyone else. So i confronted her with that.


Have you ever
been sick and tired?
sick and tired of
getting lied to?
sick and tired of
beeing locked out?

and not knowing
what to do,
not be able to
handle the problem,
confused and scared,
the feeling of
getting ignored,

desperate for
a solution,
searching in
every corner,
seeking it out,
in the mist
the answer is
to be found,

confront it,
the only way,
confront the problem,
this is the way
to solve it,
confrontation is
the only tool
against idiotism..

Poetry by Alexander
Read 828 times
Written on 2005-11-17 at 21:07

Tags Problems  Truth  Confront 

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