A poem of a soul with no meaning, with no logic place in this universe.


A stain in the dark,
a little dot in the existence,
neglected and darkened,
hated and predictable,
surrounded by his own faith of madness,
teared apart by insanity,

as the crimson sky passed him,
he was standing face to face
with his destiny,
destiny spat him in the face and
left him to rott,
to destiny he ain't nothing
but a mere puppet,

rotted flesh,
a crippled man,
pain is his best friend,
an unknown soul,
evolving into the
deepest evil,

through his life,
spat on everyday,
hated by all,
mentally destroyed,
suffering day after day,
more and more demolished,

hatred growing,
a limit about to
be broken,
destiny will arise,
the boundarie is
Destiny has won..

Poetry by Alexander
Read 604 times
Written on 2005-11-17 at 21:16

Tags Mystic  Hatred  Destiny 

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