Me and a friend discussed the end of times, end of this world. So I got inspired to write this poem.

The End of Times

The sky will turn black,
the sun will never rise again,
it will rain blood of darkness,
darkness will fall forever,
the lost spirits of this
world will return,
and the perished will rise,

all the fallen and all
the traitors will be reborn,
reborn into a form of
natural beings,
marked with the scar of
destruction, hate, evil
and darkness,
the mark of a Pentagram
burned into their skulls,

walking amongst us
they will slowly bring
out darkness,
slowly they will merge
their souls with ours,
and then our souls
will never return
to their normal state,
it is inevitable,
nothing can stop this
darkness from taking over,
nothing and no one
will be spared from
this hate, anger, fear
and agony,
let us embrace the woe
of the End Of Times..

Poetry by Alexander
Read 631 times
Written on 2005-11-17 at 21:17

Tags End  Times  Mystic 

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