Written in the middle of the night. Dark times. Dark mind. Dark writing.

The Realm of Blood

the big hollow place,
nothing but darkness,
a place of suffering
and of misery,

what is this pain?
this horrible feeling?
will it ever go away?
what can i do?

i'm trapped,
no where to go,
i'm alone in this
darkness of feelings,
no way out or no
where to breathe,
constantly alone,

my life has been empty,
nothing but lies,
who am i?
that i wonder,
i'm overwhelmed with feelings,
anger is taking over,
the wrath of the demons
and the blood of the other realm,

i now know my calling,
the anger is my calling,
it is my one and only destiny,
i must embrace the power and
the terrible strenght,
i will spill the blood
of humans and of nature,

no one can stop me,
my destiny is clear,
but why me?
what made the chosen one?

i don't even know my
true self,
i was nothing but a
beeing with no knowledge,
is it because of pity?

i will dedicate my
life to the Gods
of the Realm of Blood,
i will spred pain, agony
and fear througt the Realms,
i will spill the blood of
every Realm until the
moste powerful realm of them
all is the ruler,

the Realm of Blood..

Poetry by Alexander
Read 638 times
Written on 2005-11-17 at 21:37

Tags Realm  Mystical 

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I realy enjoyed this. But the darkness isn't a lonely place once you embrace it. You write as if you to have love for darkness.