Acknowledgement: To Dorothy Wharehoka, for sparing time to go through my work and suggesting me to edit my poem and to change structure too. Thank you so much.


"Life is a whirlpool of unexpected events..."

Strange it is...
Received a call.
The call pronounced...
my wife and family members
had a row,
a serious row.
Wife said,
come immediately
we need to talk.
can't bear anymore.
We need to get divorced.
I married you
not your family.

She is right
I know...
But doesn't she
have some obligations.
Obligation towards my family?
Doesn't she become
a part of our family
the day she and I became we?

Don't know whose fault
it was...
Maybe my family members.
Maybe my wife.
I know it's not my fault.
Then why?
Whichever side I take
I am the loser.
If I be a husband,
son and brother loses.
And if,
I be a son and brother,
husband loses.

Heads is my family.
Tails is my wife.
Then which side
of the coin is mine?
Maybe victim's side.
Strange indeed is life...
A whirlpool
of unexpected events.

Wangdi Gyalpo

Poetry by Wangdi Gyalpo
Read 823 times
Written on 2007-04-29 at 08:55

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