Please my love, please come with me
I found a new world that I want you to see,
Where hearts are full with, love and faith
Where the cruel are doomed to death .

There plodding down the river side
Where the sun runs to hide,
Into the water, among the trees
Where the wind in gentle breeze

Sit beside close too near
Watch the fishes, leap for air
The bright moon will shine above,
And the stars, will witness our love.

No riches to praise, your talent and beauties
And I swear, to fulfill all my duties
As a lover and as a man,
And embrace you, as the only woman.

Oh! Please do not, misunderstand me
It is true what I want to be,
I do not want your flesh, but mind
Please love me and be kind.

Your face burns like a shining star
But I would not let you, go so far
As love empowers me, when you smile
The halo assures hope that you will enfile.

Pleasure it would be, in your heart and soul
To be with me and prevent my fall,
Take me near by your side
And make me, as your only guide.

For sure, you will share my love and pain
Some day I know that, I will gain
All your love and all your faith,
Why it then be, waiting so late.

Poetry by Rex Islam
Read 702 times
Written on 2005-11-18 at 13:41

Tags Happiness 

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