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There is nothing of much importance to mention about the history of my life, which can be identified as something significant or mentionable. The fate had dropped me in such an environment from where life seemed to be much struggling and it's really hard to be encouraged, and continue this state of life but until now by the mercy of the Great Creator, my life seems to be still existing. I was born in the rare village of an unknown part of the world that might not be acknowledged to anyone, which is known to be Badalgachi in the district of Naogaon, Bangladesh. Later my family had shifted to Dhaka where I was brought up, and been educated. At present I am studying M.A at the University of Rajshahi, where most of the local people are uneducated; even the most intellectual personages belong to the same narrow thinking and taste. Although I am in a great enthusiastic situation to master the English language to convey my messages to the world since this language is well-known over the whole earth, but it became impossible to fulfill my wishes. I am expecting of my readers to inquire my works with forgiveness as I do not belong to the sect of the English natives, and my language is much poorer though very often my thoughts might prove to be much nobler and thus enriched. Thank you all for showing interest in me, and hoping for your best support and wishes as I might be able to put down my thoughts and imaginations through using a unique style of the language in the near future.

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41 years old from Bangladesh

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