It was a tremendous day and I was enjoying the time
Suddenly a gust of wind came and rang up the bell,
I had to lie to my dear ones for the call
Left the bright peace in blindness and went to hell.

I came up in the midst of the path and it was hazard
And the devil forced me on to the manacles,
I wanted to break the chains and be free
But the force got stronger and it coiled me up.

The force was strong as a storm of Shelly's west-winds
But not a blessing at all but an evil curse;
I was crouching and staring at the unfamiliar world
Which was old but fashioned in the new I find.

The world, which I experienced in the dark times
And swore to leave it behind and fled from it,
But I was assailed and become feeble to the force
And the force revealed the faults of mine.

I was sitting and enjoying the lovers scene
And that brought the sorrow of my spiritual poverty,
The huge and strong crisis crawling into my heart
Also aching with numb joy so keen.

And I found the life sun in its midday run
This soon would reach its blind west abbey,
It reminds me of the words that I swore to complete
Now all is forgotten, sunk in lies and deep in sin.

And, again these reveal my damn faults.

Poetry by Rex Islam
Read 729 times
Written on 2005-11-18 at 13:43

Tags Anxiety 

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Amanda K
We don't feel regret and guilty unless we experience the bitter result out doing something wrong. How you pictured such feelings and narrated them; was marvellous. I love ure style.