Lord! Light Up the Path

The more I move, the more I face darkness
And the urge to hold my ground from foes.
I turn to the clutches of the devil; the more
I look for success, the more failure gets by.

On my mind, these shades always haunts me,
And my thoughts and imaginations are going
To take me into utter ruins and darkness,
Where there is none to hold or support me

From drestruction. My Lord! show your grace,
Light up the path I walk, not to let me folded
Up in sheaves of falsehood, treachery, and sin.
Release me from these damnable frustration.

Only by the grace of your name, as I have
Nothing else, to reach for your compassion.

Poetry by Rex Islam
Read 692 times
Written on 2006-01-05 at 08:15

Tags Anxiety 

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